The What’s Positive Movement/Experience

What’s Positive Experience not only rebuilds and develops our communities, it rebuilds and develops our youth, adults, and seniors through an innovative utilization of engineering, academics, athletics, and mentoring; inspiring all to pay their success forward.

What’s Positive Experience is a one-stop shop for community activities and engagement. We provide individuals, specializing in those that are at-risk, of all ages, a safe environment to learn, explore, and find the confidence through a systematic array of physical challenges and cognitively engaging services. Open every day from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., one facility is 116,540 square feet and the second is approximately 60,000 square feet, both two-floor facilities feature ample space for classes, social events, and athletics. The Organization offers educational courses, cultural events, and national athletic activities. At the core, What’s Positive Experience offers the following integrated learning and community-building initiatives:

Cultural & Athletic Activities

What’s Positive Experience will create the opportunity for children and adults to gather and engage in a variety of physical and cultural activities.

Shared activities, such as singing in a chorus or playing a sport, can teach individuals to work together and foster a sense of community. The Organization will host tournaments against other state organizations multiple times a year, for a variety of sports.

Educational Courses

What’s Positive Experience offers a variety of academic classes for all learners, age groups, and specific content areas. The Organization focuses on providing literacy education to English and non-English speaking individuals, acknowledging the critical importance of reading ability in predicting future success and achievement. What’s Positive Experience creates a welcoming classroom environment with patient educators capable of tackling the needs of both young and adult learners. The Organization also offers courses on the following topics:

Life Skills

Parenting, cooking, motor skill development, gang and bullying awareness, drug and health awareness, driver’s education, diet, and nutrition.

Educational Assistance

Integrating learning with engaging physical activity, personalized mentoring and tutoring, challenging and organized physical activities, and support for math and sciences, test prep from CRCT standardized testing through graduate level academic support.

Professional Skills

Resume writing, job search support and skill packaging, leadership skills training, public speaking, adult learning reintegration, etc.

Veteran Support

Reintegration support, individual and group counseling available for mental health, addictions and familial support, while providing job outreach opportunities.